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Can I assess my ministry team, prophetic company, intercessory squad?


YES. Our group, team or organizational assessments enable leaders to assess and identify who you are working with and help you determine which leader will thrive in what position. An organizational assessment is a comprehensive tool designed to help organizations discover their spiritual and ministry identity by assessing the talents, character, and performance of its people.  Using our standardized assessment series, this powerful and robust resource can provide leaders with multi-dimensional insight into their organization’s strengths, deficiencies, obstacles, aptitudes, potential and overall composition based on the caliber of its human assets.

Group Assessment Sale!

Jan 1st-Jan 31st.

Save when you register your ministry team for their ministerial or prophetic individual assessment now through January 31st. We'll help you decide which assessment best fits your group's needs, set up each member with an individual link, discuss your customized group report and analysis options as well as corporate training and development courses available to your team based on your collective results. 

5-10   group members  $55/per person*

11-24 group members  $45/per person*

25-50 group members  $35/per person*


*Prices per member are for assessment

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10 Things Every Leader Should Know
How compatible are you with your congregation or organization?  10 essential things every leader should know.


  1. What type of church do I have?

  2. Are my congregation and I on the same page?

  3. Am I compatible with my congregation?

  4. Is my congregation compatible with me?

  5. Do I attract members compatible with the vision the Lord gave me?

  6. What kind of congregation does my leadership style and mantle attract?

  7. Are my members willing and able to take on the vision the Lord gave me?

  8. Can my congregation help me achieve the vision the Lord gave me?

  9. Can I help my congregation get into their purpose?

  10. Do I have the right people in position to make the vision the Lord gave me for my church work?

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