Choosing an Assessment: How It Works


Select the assessment and package that is right for you. 


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Complete your assessment in 90 minutes or less online.


After 5-7 business days you'll review your results with a trained assessment professional.


MAQ: The Minister's Assessment


Identification + Articulation

A Five-Fold Assessment Questionnaire

The Ministers Assessment Identity Package includes a comprehensive online assessment and advisement to discuss and review your results. A basic Ministers Assessment package starts at $29.

Basic Assess: 

Summary Results + 15-min Advisement Session 

Assess Plus:

Summary Results + 30-min Advisement Session

Bonus Assess:

Full Synopsis + Destiny Map + 45-min Advisement 

Full Assess:

Full Synopsis + Destiny Map, Bonus

Training Consultation + 60-min Advisement 

PAQ: The Prophetic Aptitude


Online Assessment + 30-min Advisement

The Prophetic Aptitude Questionnaire is a unique, specialized assessment tailor-made to represent the unique demand on the mantle of a prophet or prophetic type. It is comprised of over 300 specialized questions that will help to identify your mantle, sphere, emphasis, classification, communication style, delivery, maturity, readiness and more.


This identity package includes a 30-minute advisement session to review your results. This session is required in order to receive a PDF copy of your results. 

When not on sale, the PAQ is $99.00, including the review session (advisement). 

If the PAQ is currently on sale, the sale price will be reflected at the point of purchase.

Purchase the PAQ

How would you like to take the guesswork out of discovering your purpose and call by using one simple tool? A dynamic instrument, our assessments offer a variety of solutions for all aspects of ministry, particularly for people just like you who are seeking sound wisdom and guidance that will help you get into your place.


Our assessments are designed to aid you in identifying and learning more about your ministry gifting or five-fold office. You will find out your ministry strengths, abilities, aptitudes, character and assets, including your emotional intelligence, ministry readiness and most suited ministerial environment. It offers a total snapshot of you as an existing or potential minister.


How does it work?

Each assessment is a comprehensive body of questions based on biblically founded ministerial criteria that applies to all God’s ministers across the board. Your results are generated from your answer choices to the provided questions and are an untampered reflection of you, how you think, feel and see ministry along with your current or future ministerial impact. Your choices are automatically scored by a unique, patent-pending, indication response scoring system developed by Dr. Paula Price called M.I.D.A. (Ministry, Identification, Description, Action).


This system is wholly constructed on a biblical archetype that mirrors the ministerial requirements given by God to our Bible predecessors. It thoroughly accounts for much of the criteria needed to expertly and professional fill this highly important life-encompassing occupation called ministry.

What Our Assessments Can Do For You


  • Reveal your dominate gifting or office within the five-fold ministry, or for PAQ, identify your mantle sphere, classification and attributes

  • Identify your most effective ministry environment

  • Assess 22 categories of ministry readiness (MAQ)

  • Explore your ministerial use of your natural talents and abilities

  • Evaluate your ministerial character and ethics

  • Indicate your current or potential ministerial impact

  • Define your areas of strength and deficiency

  • Recognize your ministerial assets to an organization

  • Provide advisement and recommendations

  • Give you clarity, wisdom, direction and guidance about your call and destiny.

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